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Broome Closet Anti-Folk Sessions (109 Records LP)

Funky Stairway - Billy Syndrome
Paradise Lost - Maggie Estep
New City - Kirk Kelly
Every Home Has a Setting Sun - Cindy Lee Berryhill
Galaxie 500 Party Song - Paleface
Blisters and Smoke - Tom Clark

Also featuring:
John S. Hall, Bobby Belfiori, Jimmy Kelly, Suzie Unger and Roger Manning

109 Records Buy @ Rough Trade NYC

White Trash: N.Y. Folk (109 Records LP)

White Trash - Mark Zero
Naked Animal - Moira Luna
Real Estate Blues - Roger Manning
Prisonville Blues - Lauren Stauber
Blood on the Pavement - Reisbaum
Poor Town - Lach

Also featuring: Jennifer Blowdryer, Ron Katz, Billy Syndrome, Vanessa Veselka, Joe Hurley, Manon Briere, Steve Witt, Tom Clark, Tom Cuddy, Dave 'D' Man Lindsay, Jason Goodrow, Fred Katz, Steve Gabe and Pete Marks.

109 Records Buy @ Rough Trade NYC

Joe Folk and the Soho Valley Boys: Missile Foundation (109 Records Cassette) is Roger Manning's Noise Folk Magnum Opus featuring many of the anti-folk artists at their most adventurous explorations of the genre.

John Henry
The Old Crossroads

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